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About Sentinel Vaults

Sentinel Vaults is an independent Safe Deposit Centre, with a high-security underground vault standing the test of time. Used and relied on since 1928
  • Free unlimited access
  • Open 365 days
  • Town Centre location with free parking outside
  • Bank-grade security vault
  • Biometric access control system for added security.
What Is A Safe Deposit Box
What Is A Safe Deposit Box

Tried And Tested Vault Since 1928

Our underground vault has been in use since 1928 and has also been used by the likes of NatWest Bank Plc
In addition to that we have the very latest biometric entry system, a monitored state-of-the-art bank grade alarm system, and the latest CCTV surveillance system.
Time lock vaults prevent out of hours access to anyone.
We are open 365 days a year so access to your valuables could not be easier.
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Do I Need To Tell You What Is In My Safe Deposit Box?
No! Every client is guaranteed absolute privacy and discretion. We also have a private viewing room for your convenience.
What Can I Keep In My Safe Deposit Box?
Typical items include; Jewellery, gold, passports, birth certificates, wills, property deeds, stamps, coins, medals, letters, cash, precious memorabilia, etc.

What Can't I keep In My Safe Deposit Box?

Items you may not keep in your box are guns, knives, firearms, ammunition, chemicals, and drugs.
You must ensure that your safe deposit box does not contain anything that is illegal, immoral, obscure, inflammable, and explosive.
Sentinel Vaults is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. We  therefore require you to ensure that no contents held in your Safe Deposit Box represent the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

What Is A Safe Deposit Box

A Safe Deposit Box is a secure box rented to our customers and located in an underground (insurance-approved) high-security vault for the safekeeping of valuables.
Our safe deposit lockers operate on a two key locking system, a customer key and a Sentinel Vaults key. Both keys are required to open a locker and therefore access is only possible when both keys are present.
Access to the box is only possible when both locks are opened.


Bank safe deposit customers & safe deposit customers
Move your bank deposit box to Sentinel Vaults and receive 1 MONTH EXTRA FREE!
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Sentinel Vaults are proud to announce their nominated charity
Helping the needy in over 40 countries
FR registered with Fundraising Regulator
Reg, Charity No. 1156200
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